White Oak or Cherry Oak for Your Bedroom Furniture – Choice is Yours!

Are you finding options for replacing your bedroom furniture? Consider oak bedroom furniture. The durability and style makes oak a great choice, if you do not want to invest in furniture after every five six years. Oak wood furniture will keep your bedroom elegant for decades. Depending on the interiors of your bedroom you can either choose white or red oak. You will find almost similar kind of grains in both white and red oak However, in white oak you’d find longer rays and it is considered as stronger than the red oak. Moreover it is water proof therefore; it was used in the manufacturing of ships.

White oak has some advantages over red one. The first and the foremost advantage is that it is quite stronger than the red one. Hence, majority of people opt for white oak bedroom furniture as it will be durable and lasts longer than the red oak furniture. You can also use it for outdoor purpose because it is resistant to insects, fungus, moisture and air. Go for white oak bedroom furniture if your bedroom windows open into an open area. Golden brown color of white oak is bright yet fine. The grain is also very fine because an oak tree grows very slowly. White furniture can definitely enhance the look of your bedroom however, it gets stains very easily. The maintenance of white oak is quite tough therefore; the demand of the furniture is not very high.

It also has grayish brown color which gives it a feel of very light shade. You can try out your own creativity and visualization to make your bedroom stylish. Mix up the light and bright colors of oak bedroom furniture and interiors such as cushions, mattresses and bed covers. Moreover, you can get matte finish as well as glossy finish in the white oak. The easy maintenance and availability makes red oak more popular than the white oak. Since red oak is quite dark and has luster because of which it looks heavier. All these things put red oak above the white oak furniture in customers’ priority list.

Red oak bedroom furniture goes well with most of the interiors. Whatever theme you have in your bedroom, the red oak will compliment it. The dark color and rich look can be easily synchronized with the already existing design of the interiors of your bedroom. Consider any room; your room, children room or guest room. It’s understood that every room will have different theme, color scheme and interiors. If your room has light colored paint, the red oak bedroom furniture will provide an amazing contrast.

There are advantages as well as drawbacks of both red oak and white oak furniture. For longer durability go for white oak however, if you cannot maintain it then it will be a waste for you because stained furniture will hamper the beauty of the other interiors as well. Red oak is easily available however, a bit expensive than white oak. Consider the above points and select which oak bedroom furniture suits your bedroom in best possible manner.

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